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WTS energy

WTS Energy, headquartered in the Netherlands and established in 2000, is one of the leading Outsourcing & Workforce Management Companies to the Global Energy industry. WTS Supplies Manpower, Recruitment, Outsourcing Services in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. WTS Energy works on all Energy projects, Oil & Gas and Renewables.

Job description

Maintenance strategy

1. Drawing up (long-term) annual plans for technical maintenance, repairs and modifications to buildings, installations and equipment at several locations so that the technical operating resources remain in a good condition.Aligning these to the COMPANY`S maintenance blueprint.
2. Tracking progress towards global COMPANY`S maintenance blueprint adherence and initiating actions to close the gaps.
3. Generates Preventative Maintenance (PM) Plans, schedules for these PM and procedures to execute these PMs based on good practices and on manufacturers recommendations. Ability to effectively utilize CMMS to schedule PMs and PM procedures.
4. Gathers and analyses a range of data (KPI’s), publishing these and translating them into improved maintenance schedules or infrastructural improvements.
5. Assesses proposals from technicians, contractors and from audits undertaken. Discusses wishes and requirements with the competent authorities with regard to feasibility and tests the functionality of the proposed plans.Draws up (long-term) plans, including budgets and priorities and draws up planning schedules. Explains the plans and justifies these plans with management.

Management of M&R activities
1. Ensuring the execution of preventive and corrective maintenance, repairs and modifications to buildings, installations and equipment for Company, so that the technical operating resources are in good condition and continue to guarantee the continuity of the operational processes. Discusses the planning and assignment of work for this daily with the GM and Operations Supervisors. Delegates authorities with regard to the performance of the relevant work. Discusses bottlenecks and takes action as required, contributes to solutions.
2. Decides about the implementation of emergency repairs and is responsible for the correct completion of orders. Manages the M&R maintenance budget and reports progress, finances, etc to the GM.
3. Arranges for adequate inventory of spares in stock for critical equipment.
4. Execute Service Agreements with vendors for critical equipment.
5. Ensure an up to date Maintenance Management System and reporting of KPI’s

How to Apply

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