Everyone has the right to privacy and the full right to decide when and where their data is collected and by whom. Here at, we fully understand the importance of the privacy and discreteness of the data provided by GIST MATE’S visitors/readers. When using, you trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. This is important; we hope you will take time to read it carefully. We are therefore committed to ensuring that all information provided in GIST MATE as you go through our valuable contents are handled discretely.


# Information we collect:

We collect information useful in the provision of better services to our visitor’s/readers- ranging from the effective delivery of our newsletters to our subscribers to giving a comprehensive reply to all enquiries and comments.

  • Information you give us: By leaving a comment or subscribing to GIST MATE, you provide us with your name, email and choice preferences. These are used to effectively deliver our daily/weekly newsletters to you.
  • Information we get from your use of GIST MATE: We get information on the type of update and posts you enjoy reading, the number of times you visit GIST MATE, the actions which you couldn’t easily carry out, your browser and location, your referral URLs and your access links.

# How we use information we collect

We use the information we collect from our visitor’s/readers to provide, protect and improve and  GIST MATE users’ desire to access genuine and updated information while ensuring privacy. We also use this information to offer you tailored content. When you contact gist mate, we keep a record of your communication to help solve any issue(s) you may be facing, we may use your email address to inform you about our updated contents and changes if needed.  We use information collected from cookies to enhance your browsing experience and overall quality of GIST MATE.

GIST MATE uses cookie to collect most of the above listed information. You can as well decide to clear your browsing cookies at any time from your browser control panel.

# Third party links

As you go through GIST MATE, you may find some third party URLs and advert ads . They are linked to other posts/pages. Please be aware that is not liable for your activities in any of such sites. We do not guarantee you of any expected quality. You should carefully read the privacy policies of such sites before use.

# Non- subscription

You are allowed to remove your subscription to our newsletters or any of our services at any time. Simply follow the non- subscription link attached to the bottom strip of your subscription email.


# Exceptions to this Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to all of the services offered by Please note that our Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals including third party URLs and advert sites.


# Changes

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. In case of any change, we will post an update of it to this Privacy Policy. We will always keep prior versions of this Privacy in an archive for your review.

By using Gists, you have authorized us to have access to the information contained in this Privacy Policy. Do not hesitate to ‘contact us’ in case of any suspected violation or inquiry. We promise to keep your information private and safe so as to put you in control.


Updated: 17/4/18