How to Check Npower Deployment Location, Print & Submit Acceptance Letter

It has been announced that the full Npower deployment list has been published and the names have been sent to focal persons for documentations. Yet, people are yet to see their local government of posting. Check how to submit your Npower acceptance letter

This post will guide you on how to check if your name is amongst the 300,000 persons selected for the programme. Also, you will be able to learn how to print and submit your acceptance letter.

The Npower acceptance letter must be submitted before 10th August. 2018.

How to Print Acceptance Letter

  • First, login to your npower profile via www,
  • Input your email or phone number used during registration
  • Then select the acceptance tab
  • Fill up the details accordingly and print the acceptance letter.
  • This letter should be sent to the focal persons in your LGA of PPA for stamping.
  • After stamping, beneficiaries should scan the stamped acceptance letter and upload the scanned copy of their acceptance letters.

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How to Upload Scanned Acceptance Letter

  • To upload the scanned copy of your stamped acceptance letter, click on the same acceptance tab
  • Then, navigate to the upload acceptance letter box
  • A box will open for you to select the file. N/B: It is important to name the file as yourname.accptance letter for easy identification.

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