FRSC Interview/Exams Past Questions PDF Download, Interview Dates and Venues, Shortlisted Candidates.

FRSC Interview Questions PDF Download, Interview Venues & Dates. If you are yet to check your FRSC JAMB Screening Result and the Cut-off marks for the Successful candidates, please follow the link below to get more details.


Here you will find all FRSC interview questions, hints and guidelines on answering the questions. Also access the complete highway code for the Interview Process.


The requirements for the FRSC Interview and the full details; including FRSC Interview time-table can be found HERE.

We have collated major likely questions and the FRSC past questions and Answers and all possible Interview questions. The screening exam will cover the following subjects:

  1. English language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Current Affairs
  4. FRSC Related Questions
  5. FRSC Highway Code

To be able to Download the Full PDF of this document, pay the sum of #1,500 through Pay for Past Questions and Answers Online and Email your payment receipt to and we will email your past Questions to you.

Please Note: The FRSC interview Questions will be attached to your purchase and a copy of the complete FRSC Highway Code which makes up the bulk of the Interview Questions.


  1. The highest court for the Governorship election dispute in Nigeria is .

(a) Supreme Court

(b) Court of Appeal

(c) Federal High Court

(d) Electoral Tribunal

  1. The highest court for the Legislative election dispute in Nigeria is .

(a) Supreme Court

(b) Court of Appeal

(c) Federal High Court

(d) Electoral Tribunal

  1. Class J Licence is issued to which category of drivers

(a) Commercial drivers

(b) Private drivers

(c) Articulated vehicle drivers

(d) Physically challenged drivers

  1. The pulse rate of a normal person is

(a) 52 per minute

(b) 62 per minute

(c) 72 per minute

(d) 82 per minute

  1. The C in the ABC of First Aid is for ..

(a) Control

(b) Commitment

(c) Conjecture

(d) Circulation

  1. Warning Signs are usually in shape

(a) Circular

(b) Triangular

(c) Rectangular

(d) Square

  1. The green colour of the Nigerian flag signifies

(a) Agriculture

(b) Green Eagles

(c) Green revolution

(d) Green forest of Nigeria

  1. Breathalyzer is used to detect .

(a) Bad breathe

(b) Drunk driving

(c) Over speeding

(d) Smoking

  1. FERMA stands for

a). Federal Road Maintenance Agency

b). Federal Road Maintenance Associates

c). Federal Railway Maintenance Agency

d). Federal Railway Maintenance Associates

  1. The film industry in Nigeria is called

a) Bollywood

b) Hollywood

c) Nollywood

d) Softwood

A lot of questions regarding the salary scheme of the agency like; salary of frsc road marshal assistant, road marshal inspector, officer cadre and officer doctor cadre has also been updated HERE.

After the application submission exercise which is slated to end om July 6, 2018, successful candidates will receive emails and texts on their screening exam details viz-a-viz venue, dates and required documents.

Candidates can order their past questions for the FRSC jamb screening exam Here

It is in view of that, that we have updated this post as a further guide towards giving applicant an easier application session. Also, beware that any mistake done during the application process may lead to disqualification of the applicant. Error i registration, login issues, documents upload issues, FRSC portal not working/going? Drop questions below and we will give you a solution.

How to Check FRSC Shortlisted names in FRSC Portal

Please Note: This application process is free of charge. So, you don’t have to pay anyone to apply.

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